Creating Reports From Trello Boards

Where I work, we use Trello to help track tasks between globally distributed team members but it has no reporting features. I needed a quick way to create reports and wanted to use tools I am familiar with. I chose to use Python, the official Trello Python package and Jinja2. The code for this quick report hack is on GitHub. --board_name my-trello-board --config ~/.mytrello.conf --template ~/test-report.txt -o /tmp/my-board-report.txt

Alternatively, if you don’t store your secrets in a conf file you can also pass them as arguments to the script. --board_name my-trello-board --api_key 23432423hj32g43 --access_token 89238432842394 --template ~/test-report.txt -o /tmp/my-board-report.txt

As a quick example, say you want to create a quick text format report with the cards found in the open lists on your board. You might use a simple Jinja2 template that looks like this:
The resulting report will look like this: 

Because you are querying for the entire board in this example, you can access each of the properties on the cards and create a much more detailed report if needed. If you wanted to change the query to multiple boards or a subset of one board, you could change the following lines of code found in the file[1]


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